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Comfortable living at the gates of Hamburg

Metropolregion Hamburg

6 apartments still available

Norderstedt, Ulzburger Straße 1 ObjektansichtNorderstedt, Ulzburger Straße, Objektansicht 2Norderstedt, Ulzburger Straße, Objektansicht 3Norderstedt, Ulzburger Straße, Objektansicht 5Norderstedt, Ulzburger Straße, Objektansicht 5Norderstedt, Ulzburger Straße, Objektansicht 6Norderstedt, Ulzburger Straße, Objektansicht 7

326 €

Your monthly expenditure*

  • Rental749 €
  • Tax Benefit414 €
Monthly income1.163 €
  • Interest1.058 €
  • Additional costs78 €
  • Repayment353 €
Monthly expenses1.489 €

Calculation basis: * Average return on equity p.a. in the first ten years: Example calculation for 2-room apartment, purchase price €282,000 incl. full service. Taking into account 100% financing, payment of ancillary purchase costs from equity, an interest rate of 4.5% p.a., a repayment of 1.5% and an increase in value of 2%.

** Estimated tax advantage p.a. in the first ten years: Example calculation for a childless household with an annual income of €80,000 and 42% tax rate. The tax advantage varies depending on individual circumstances.


Triple glazing

Equipped bathroom

Fitted kitchen + Kitchen appliances

Car parking space / Underground garage

Underfloor heating

Balconies / Terrace

High-quality floor coverings

Cellar room

282.000 € - 492.000 €

Purchase price


Residential units

8.72 %

Return on Equity

2 - 3


47 - 84 m²

Living area



Vertical diagonal decorator

Welcome to Norderstedt

Norderstedt is located directly on the northern city limits of the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Although the town is already located in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, it is basically seamlessly integrated into the Hamburg urban area. Roads even cross the state border while retaining the name and continuing the numbering. Norderstedt is also connected to the Hamburg subway network. The town has always benefited from this unique location. The population has been growing for years. While just under 56,000 people lived here in 1970, the population has grown to around 82,000 today. The trend is still rising. The population is expected to increase by ten percent by 2035.

In addition to its close proximity to the Elbe metropolis, Norderstedt itself has developed into an economic heavyweight. It is home to the headquarters of several world-renowned companies, such as Blume 2000, Casio and tesa, and offers thousands of jobs in several business parks. Norderstedt is a member of the Nordgate initiative, in which several towns north of Hamburg have joined forces to form an economic area. This has given the town an additional boost, also in terms of purchasing power. As a result, Norderstedt is one of the most attractive growth regions in Germany.

In addition to the strong economy, Norderstedt presents itself as a liveable and lovable residential area with lots of greenery. In many places, the village structure of the communities has been


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Norderstedt- Frontansicht

Highlights nearby

Norderstedt, Ulzburger Straße

Forest areas
Bus stops
Gas stations
Sports centers
MicroLocation Norderstedt

Welcome to Norderstedt

In 10 to 40 minutes

by car and train anywhere in Hamburg

60 minutes by car

to the Baltic Sea

Within a radius of

1,500 meters

three supermarkets, schools and two train stations

Object description

New-build apartments with plenty of natural light in the interiors

One parking space and one balcony or terrace per unit

Fully equipped bathrooms and kitchens

This apartment building houses 25 apartments with living spaces of between 48 and 84 square meters, spread over two or three rooms. The new building is being constructed in solid construction and has four floors including the basement, with the top floor being designed as a staggered storey. In addition to 15 storage rooms, the basement also houses the building services and an underground garage. There is space for 21 cars here. A further five parking spaces will be created on the outside area. A playground and a lockable storage room for a total of 48 bicycles will also be built at the rear of the property. The entire building will be insulated and heated with a modern combination of an air heat pump and a gas boiler. There are also modern, triple-glazed windows. The exterior is dominated by a combination of facing brickwork and plastered surfaces in the staggered storeys. The windows and doors with their gray frames blend in perfectly here. The exterior view is rounded off by the red-brown roof.

The apartments themselves have a modern layout and the large, floor-to-ceiling windows allow plenty of daylight to enter the interiors. All apartments are equipped with a fully fitted kitchen. This includes all major electrical appliances, from the stove with oven to the fridge and dishwasher, as well as spacious wall cupboards with kitchen fronts in glossy lacquer. The bathrooms are also fully equipped with all bathroom furniture including a vanity unit under the washbasin and an illuminated mirror as well as a shower. All wet areas are tiled with large-format tiles on the floor and walls - some of which are ceiling-high. The visual appearance is rounded off by attractive vinyl design flooring and cleanly plastered walls in brilliant white. With a balcony or terrace, all units have their own access to the outdoors.


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Location description

Top location on the Hamburg city limits

Connection to the Hamburg public transport network

Excellent local amenities

Norderstedt is located to the north of Hamburg and borders directly on the urban area of the Elbe metropolis. The connection to the Hanseatic city is excellent. Norderstedt is connected to the Hamburg subway network via the U1 line and has several subway stations. The journey to Hamburg city center takes around 40 minutes. The city's main train station offers a transfer to the long-distance Deutsche Bahn network. The city is also on the regional train line A2 of the AKN, which connects Norderstedt with Kaltenkirchen in the north. The drive to Hamburg city center takes half an hour by car. Drivers can also reach the Schnelsen-Nord exit on the A7 highway in just a few minutes via the B432 federal highway.

The apartments are located in the Friedrichsgabe district of Norderstedt. The property is conveniently located on Ulzburger Straße - the district's main traffic axis with direct access to Norderstedt city center and the Hamburg metropolitan area. Within a radius of 1.5 kilometers around the property, i.e. just four minutes away by bike, there are two train stations on the AKN A2 line, three supermarkets, several retailers and the local school center with all types of schools. There is also a chemist, a petrol station and a bank as well as various restaurants and leisure facilities. Norderstedt-Mitte subway station, the terminus of the Hamburg subway line U1, can be reached by car in three minutes and by bicycle in eight minutes. The journey to the subway station takes three or five minutes on line A2 of the AKN, depending on where you get on. The Baltic Sea is also only 60 minutes away by car.


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